At the start of the year, radical leftist California Attorney General Xavier Becerra tried to blackmail a number of Republican-led states by banning state-funded visits to them over what he felt were their anti-gay ordinances.

In the case of Tennessee, Becerra resented that the state’s legislators had passed a religious liberty bill “allowing counselors to refer patients to other counselors if they disagree with a patient’s lifestyle,” according to The Daily News in Memphis.

And so just because he disliked their law, Becerra felt he had the right to impose his will on them via blackmail.

What he neglected to consider before moving forward with his outrageous ban, though, is that the legislators in Tennessee have a zero tolerance policy toward leftist totalitarians.

Enter the state’s Senate, which in February introduced a scathing resolution condemning California for its bullying tactics.

Dubbed Senate Joint Resolution 111, the stunning bill was signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam on May 4.

The gist of it was quite simple: The resolution urged the governor, the state House and the state Senate to ban state-funded travel to states that first imposed bans on them, so that those states would “feel the pain and not Tennessee.”

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we urge the other forty-eight states to refrain from
imposing their unfounded moral judgment on their sister states as California has done in order to prevent escalating foolishness,” the resolution further added.

The resolution also slammed California for its “exorbitant taxes, spiraling budget deficits, runaway social welfare programs, and rampant illegal immigration.”

The best part was the snark contained in this delectable line: “Tennessee is pleasantly surprised that California will not be sending its economic development teams to Tennessee to recruit our businesses.”

Not that business-friendly Tennessee would have had to worry anyway. Businesses have been fleeing California left and right over the past couple of years due to its anti-business laws. And the exodus out of the leftist state is expected to only grow worse as it further hikes its taxes and imposes even more regulations on small businesses.


Instead of waking up and growing a brain, however, California’s leaders continue to double down on stupid, according to a report in The Washington Post.

“While the California DOJ works to protect the rights of all our people, discriminatory laws in any part of our country send all of us several steps back,” Becerra said in a statement last week after he added even more states to his totalitarian ban. “That’s why when California said we would not tolerate discrimination against LGBTQ members of our community, we meant it.”

So be it. Frankly, who would want anything to do with California in the first place? From harboring illegal immigrants to driving away businesses and even attempting to impeach President Donald Trump, the state has demonstrated that it doesn’t want much to do with the great experiment-turned success known as America.

In that case, I got two words for it: Buh-bye!

H/T The Daily Caller