The Tim Allen sitcom “Last Man Standing” was one of the last conservatives shows left standing on network television… until ABC pulled the plug.

Now, the network has broken its silence about the decision to cancel the much-loved show, but the excuse may be just a slap in the face to conservatives.

A report from the Daily Mail just revealed that the show’s conservative slant wasn’t part of its cancellation — at least, that’s what executives would like you believe.

“Politics had absolutely nothing to do with it — we have actors on our shows who have all sorts of different political views,” stated Channing Dungey, the president of ABC Entertainment.

Dungey tried to play off the cancellation as a scheduling conflict.

“Last Man Standing was a challenging one for me because it was a steady performer in the ratings, but once we made the decision not to continue with comedies on Fridays, that was where we landed,” the executed said. 

It seems strange if not unbelievable that the network was unable to find any other time slot for the well-regarded show.

“Last Man Standing, which aired Friday at 8pm, was the second most watched comedy last season on ABC,” revealed the Daily Mail. “The only sitcom that drew more viewers was another ABC hit, Modern Family.”

Many observers have suggested that the show’s generally conservative viewpoint was the true reason it got the ax. Tim Allen may have also been the target of political bias.

“The former Home Improvement star is one of the few outspoken Republicans in Hollywood and said that being a conservative in Hollywood is like living in the 1930s in Germany,” the Mail explained.

Allen said that he was “stunned and blindsided” when he received news of the show’s cancellation.

ABC’s official explanation for taking “Last Man Standing” off the air just doesn’t hold water. The sitcom enjoyed a large fan base, held its own in the ratings for six years, and served a major niche: Half of the country which leans conservative.

We may never know for sure what the true motivations were, but one thing is certain: Leftist Hollywood seems increasingly out of touch with the rest of America.

H/T Tribunist

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