Early numbers from Nielsen suggest Sunday evening’s 2017 Emmys award show broadcast has hit a record new low, generating some of the lowest ratings in years.

According to Variety magazine, initial numbers place the Emmys at a 2.2 rating in adults 18-49 with 9.6 million total viewers, down by 0.3 points and 0.1 million viewers from last year’s initial numbers of 2.5 with 9.7 million viewers.

It’s clear that fewer Americans are tuning in for the Emmys every year, and the reason for this decline should be evident.

Take this year’s Emmys, which the media company Grabien correctly described as a “celebrity anti-Trump rage fest” — one where Hollywood’s leftist elitists lectured the rest of us know-nothing scrubs about things they hate, including but not limited to climate change, Islamaphobia and, of course, the man we voted for in the 2016 presidential election, President Donald J. Trump.

In fact, the evening’s host, comedian Stephen Colbert, dedicated five whole minutes of his opening monologue to bashing the president. Likewise, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus reportedly sang an outrageous anti-Trump song that included the following lyrics: “Imagine if your president wasn’t loved by Nazis.”

And later in the broadcast, actress Lilly Tomlin described Trump as an “egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.”

The entire show continued in the same vein, with actors and actresses bashing Trump over and over again while praising failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at every chance available to them.

Colbert also briefly ranted about climate change, according to Reuters, though oddly enough, he expressed no complaints about the resource-consuming air conditioning added this year to the Red Carpet.

Is it really any wonder that, much like ratings for the NFL, ratings for the Emmys keep falling lower every year? Nobody, save for the most harebrained leftist loons, wants to be lectured by a bunch of hoity-toity, hypocritical Hollywood elitists preaching from their ivory towers in Hollywood. And until these California fat cats quit it with their sanctimonious, “holier than thou” drivel, it’s very likely their ratings will continue plummeting like a meteorite.

H/T Deadline

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