CNN correspondent and host Van Jones blasted GOP voters on Wednesday, saying liberals in America are “not just mad” at President Trump, but are furious with “every single person who voted for Trump.”

Jones was speaking with ‘The View’ when he viciously lashed-out at republican voters who helped sweep President Trump into the White House last November, saying “I get in trouble because I’m honest,” and that “even people with no jobs” should never have voted for the GOP candidate.

“Right now I don’t see Democrats looking at the situation and saying, you know what, maybe we drew our circle too small,” Jones said. “I love that we’re hugging LGBT and Muslims and all the people who usually don’t get a hug. We’re hugging them, but maybe we need a bigger hug, and include some of those folks in Appalachia.”

“That’s exactly what the DNC chair said,” co-host Sunny Hostin insisted. “We had Tom Perez on the show, and that’s exactly what he said.”

“They are trying to do that,” co-host Joy Behar affirmed.

“Listen, there may be some leaders who are. Unfortunately, and I have to be honest—I get in trouble because I’m honest,” Jones said.

“I know you do,” Hostin interjected.

“When I listen to liberals, when they’re not on TV trying to make it sound good, we’re still in grief; we’re still mad,” Jones said. “And we’re not just mad at Trump, who we should be mad at. We’re mad at every single person who voted for Trump, even people who have no jobs, even coal miners who have black lung disease and who are dying and Democrats don’t have anything to say about it for years.”

Watch Jones vicious comments:


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