Bernie ADMITS His Campaign KNEW of Russian Interference in 2016


Vermont Senator Bernier Sanders is struggling to answer questions surrounding his campaign’s alleged support from recently indicted Russian nationals; deflecting questions after Robert Mueller charged thirteen foreign agents for working on behalf of the liberal lawmaker.

Sanders pushed back against the special counsel’s office court filings that showed Russian-based operatives were actively working to support his candidacy; sowing chaos between his campaign and his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton during the party’s nomination process.

“The real question to be asked is what was the Clinton campaign [doing about Russian interference]? They had more information about this than we did,” Sanders said in an interview last week with Vermont Public Radio. “They were supporting my campaign? No. They were attacking Hillary Clinton’s campaign and using my supporters against Hillary Clinton.”

One episode in the indictment involved Russian nationals allegedly circulating in February 2016 an internal “outline of themes for future content to be posted to organization-controlled social media accounts.”

Sanders claimed in the radio interview, and again on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” that a campaign aide shared information with the Clinton campaign about suspected anti-Clinton Russian trolls on a campaign Facebook page.

“A guy who was on my staff … checked it out and he went to the Clinton campaign, and he said, ‘You know what? I think these guys are Russians,’” Sanders said.

His former campaign manager Jeff Weaver said the senator’s comments were based on news reports, specifically one by NBC’s San Diego affiliate that suggested a campaign volunteer brought the findings to the Clinton team.

The Clinton campaign denies ever receiving information from the Sanders’ team regarding Russian interference, saying “no one” from the Senator’s camp “ever reached out.”

h/t Fox News   



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